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    The Naruk collection has been growing little by little, it includes from a console to a desk, coffee tables and auxiliary tables, whose apparently simple lines reveal a very suggestive… Read More »Naruk


      Bluss presents a very characteristic image, based on a process of formal updating, resulting in a contemporary product. Its geometrical shapes and the special design of the tubular structure generate… Read More »Bluss

      Mateo and Ada

        Mateo and Ada are a sofa system whose design represents a contemporary balance of solidity, elegance and timeless sobriety thanks to its straight and sinuous lines. As a result of… Read More »Mateo and Ada


          The Temps collection of coffee tables and side tables stands out for its soft, continuous and insinuating shapes that result in an elegant, timeless piece with personality. When designing Temps,… Read More »Temps


            A family of seats of complex execution hidden behind its soft curves and the simplicity of its forms. The result of Stick is a light and slender chair, its shapes… Read More »Stick


              Domo is a collection of coffee tables and side tables, a project that stands out for its formal simplicity that works both independently and as a group. It comes in… Read More »Domo


                A storage system for living room and side tables that stands out for its curved shapes on the edges, these shapes give a sinuous and friendly character to the whole.… Read More »Torino


                  Blóm is a collection of mirrors with a refined and subtle design. The wooden frame that runs along the mirror stops at one point of the contour to continue forming… Read More »Blom


                    This is a sophisticated console table that stands out for its style and the roundedness of its upholstered base. A versatile, functional piece with a strong aesthetic and at the… Read More »Iris


                      Tamo is a family of seats that in a short time has grown into a wide variety of formats. All typologies share the same language of light, ergonomic and elegant… Read More »Tamo