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    The harmony and balance of the Brau bed, with its clean and apparently simple volumes, are combined with the craftsmanship applied to the solid wood of its bedside tables, Hati… Read More »Brau


      Tempo is presented as a family of seating that includes chairs, armchairs and sofas with soft and fresh lines. It conveys a contemporary and functional discourse, perfectly merging the needs… Read More »Tempo


        Níes is a collection of seats with forms recognizable by our memory but that place us in the present. Composed of pieces of dimensions studied for maximum comfort and ergonomics… Read More »Níes


          When Ólia was conceived, the idea was to design a side table that would emanate elegance, purity, sobriety and strength, hence the proportions and combination of materials chosen. The results… Read More »Ólia


            Within the exhibition “Diseño al plato” we developed Fugu, a container designed to measure for one of the dishes of the chef Raquel Pérez. As a game of the senses,… Read More »Fugu


              Linea is presented as a family of chairs, armchairs and stools, its concept brings lightness and strength in its form as if it were a continuous line. It perfectly merges… Read More »Linea


                Mars is a collection of hangers composed of two different models, which are aesthetically sculptural, simple and functional with an extreme warmth that gives the craftsmanship of the solid wood… Read More »Mars


                  A living room storage system, Dekka is an example of simple and versatile design that fits a clean and detailed aesthetic worked with noble materials such as wood, veneers and… Read More »Dekka


                    Linear is a fixed table with a solid look and simple design, with a fun semi-symmetrical play on the sturdy legs. It shows the warmth of oak wood and the… Read More »Linear


                      Family of storage and auxiliary furniture, ranging from sideboards and display cabinets to hallways and tables with a unique subtlety of lines close to architecture. A collection of light and… Read More »Nara